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The Trident Confidential Weekly Newsletter is Now Closed for Subscription

Trident Confidential has issued it's last Weekly Newsletter on January 31 2017. There are no further subscriptions available as we are changing the format.

New Format from February 2017

Our new reports will be available from our new format website at www.TridentStockReport.com.au, which will be live from early February.

New Reports available in February

Our new website will host a new range of timely and targeted reports for all investors which will be made available from time to time.

We will inform our clients by email as these become available or you can visit our new site from time to time. Being on our emailing list will ensure you are given notice when they are available.

Our first new report will be available in February - 

"The Outlook for 2017 & The Core Stocks You Should Be Invested In"

This report will include comprehensive research reports of our top 15 stocks that we think will do well in 2017. In addition, there will be a detailed outlook for the year ahead as well as the sectors we think will benefit from the massive changes we have seen recently. Available early February.

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The new site will also host our range of ebooks for purchase.

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See what our subscribers' have to say. 

My family is so grateful to Mr Spicer's generosity in sharing his wisdom and showing us how life can be less of a struggle. Personally I'm so excited about the future now that, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm also feeling a deep sense of calm and relief in knowing that, by the time my 16 month old son Jack is old enough to understand the importance of continual learning, education, being kind and generous to those less fortunate than ourselves, saving pocket money and applying Mr Spicer's principles regarding wealth creation books - ('Mum' will have a bit to do with this of course), he will already have a MASSIVE head start on his peers who will one day set foot and go 'solo' in the real world. My sincerest thanks to Mr Spicer and his colleagues for sharing the wisdom and education.

Chris, 24 March
Happy New Year Lance - and all the overworked staff at Trident.

I am a relatively new trader who has enjoyed(?) keeping my financial advisor in the manner to which I have allowed him to become accustomed. I blame no one but myself because during and through the early 2000's up to the GFC I was seeing good returns paid into my SMSF and we were making more than we could spend - in reasonable terms. I took little if any interest about where/how the returns were being generated. The GFC changed all that!

A good friend had mentioned the "Trident Confidential" Newsletter in Easter 2010 and the result was I finally joined the ranks of the believers later in the year. I was extremely tentative and read everything I could get my hands on... however one word from Lance stuck in my mind once I started to revitalize my portfolio - and that was... "PATIENCE". How true it is, and I am now once again enjoying comfortable returns based on the observance of that one word of advice along with Lance's recommendations from time to time.

Ian, 3 January

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